25 November 2012

6-8pm – David Price and Andy Roche will present a cycle of collaborative 16mm films shown in Chicago in 2010, Bardic Visions from Britain and the Americas. In addition they will be presenting a new work made for the occasion.

Into the Field

Into the Field is a solo exhibition by David Price that includes the works of others, namely his fellow-artists G.Leddington and Andy Roche, and the writers Koen Sels and Anna Tebelius.

His work focuses on the gaps between things: between an artwork and its representation in another medium, and in fiction. The translation from one idiom to another also signals an exploration of different contexts in which to situate the artwork. His aim is not to make arresting or beautiful images through prints, sculptures or film; instead the work situates unremarkable things in a new light: a smudge left by a stick of liquorice, a sentence written in coffee grains held in cast glass, or perhaps a Super-8 film panning across a range of screen prints.

An eponymous publication accompanies the exhibition, as does a series of events featuring its participants and others still.