‘Coposition’ closing event with Margareta Kern and Tina Gverović, Saturday 18th May at 4pm

Video performance, which as a starting point uses a selection of works, drawings, animation, live footage, conversation and sound. The work is based on events that recently happened and those that are imagined. It casts outsiders and unruly bodies in action, where spaces collide, and where voices invent possible futures.
The video-performance will be followed by the launch of Tina Gverović’s 7″ vinyl ‘Or an Island or a Boat’, written and conceived by the artist, spoken by Sarah Holden-Boyd and mastered by Stephen Godsmith.

‘Back and Forth’ event with Tina Gverović and Vlatka Horvat, Saturday 11th May, 4pm

Over the course of the month of April, artists Tina Gverović and Vlatka Horvat engaged in a daily image exchange – sending each other one image or a short video sequence per day.
Through this exchange, which involved constant re-focusing and re-invention, as well as repeating, modifying and altering the elements of the previously received material, the artists built a strand of images, a mutating sequence of evocative visual propositions, each responding to the one received the previous day.
This month-long visual dialogue, which the artists engaged in via email, will become a starting point for a narrative reflection and live exchange between the two artists. This live event in the gallery will approach the collection of images both as a single object to reflect on, and as a set of fragments, each of which carries the potential to instigate a dialogue.
A print-it-yourself PDF of the thread of images from this month-long exchange will be available for download on this page prior to the event on 11th of May.