Paul Good and Kirsty Wood: Stale Air, in a Room, before Motion

While their long-standing creative partnership originates in the visual arts, artist duo Paul Good and Kirsty Wood are equally known for their musical output. Though these studio-based and sonic activities are pursued separately, they are here brought together to form a single entity, a sensorium, which stresses the input of different perceptual faculties.

The sculptural tableau depicts two peregrine falcons suspended in flight above a fractured landscape of blue resin shards punctuated with pools of indigo ink. Their conflict renders them oblivious to gravity, as if testing a sublime death drive. The sculpture is accompanied by a score of layered electric guitar chords that plays intermittently, adding dimension, scope and mass – extending the terrain outwards.

The iconography employed in the work for “Stale Air, in a Room, before Motion” recalls the emotional sublime present in works by Romantic and Symbolist paintings from the 19th Century, which continues to exert a powerful influence in the Contemporary; our digital present is supposedly dominated by connective technologies driven by evidence and reason, but it is equally marked by a resurgent interest in hidden practices such as metaphysics, mysticism and the occult, which promote the imperceptible and the unpresentable.

The artists will be in conversation with “Wavelengths” host William English and curator Nicolas de Oliveira on Resonance FM (104.4FM) between 2:30-3:30pm on Friday the 29th of September, and repeated on Monday the 2nd of October at 3:00pm.

The Private View on Friday the 29th of September also features a live sound performance by the artists, and coincides with the launch of the vinyl catalogue featuring the soundtrack from the exhibition and a text by the curators.