Cabinet Series

The eight exhibitions represent a year's examination of the vitrine as a locus and concept for display in the Contemporary. In all cases, these are new works, and can be seen as responses to the opportunities and the problematic offered by these enclosed spaces. Some of the artists made actual new works, whilst others adapted existing ones in untested configurations.

The term is derived from the cabinet of curiosities dating back to the late Renaissance, which brought together personal and private collections of artifacts and curios. The cabinet can also be seen as relevant to the classic period of Modernism that led to the spatial concept of the ‘White Cube’ that endures to this day. Stripped bare and expanded, the White Cube is not so much a space but an idea. The project is explicitly about artists' making and displaying within the context of the vitrine, a process begun by avant-garde artists in the early 20th Century such as Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell, among others. Here, the artist's role is expanded from that of the maker, to that of the selector and arranger, attributes associated with curatorial practice.
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #8
Agence de Voyage
14th November -13th December 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #7
Object not Found
13th October – 8th November 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #6
DIN 201
5th of September – 4th of October 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #5
Throw ‘Em Out, They Break My Heart
18th of July – 16th of August 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #4
Studies for Adam and Eve
13th of June – 12th July 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #3
Vertiefen und Nicht Erweitern
11th May – 7th June 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #2
6th April – 3rd May 2009
Cabinet Series
Cabinets #1
Three Proposals
2nd – 29th of March 2009