Cabinets #2

Hosking does not appear to travel in order to communicate: instead, he journeys and makes art, to get away, and, at times, to quite literally disappear.

It might appear as if the artist’s work was solely invoking Romanticism and harking back to another time and place, though this would be an incomplete, and ultimately superficial reading. Instead, his problematizing of both subject matter and process functions perhaps as a way of staving off oblivion, to recall in order to endure today. His projects, often taking place in remote and inhospitable locations, foreground observation, stillness and toil. For this exhibition, the artist waited in a hide for nights on end, in order to capture footage of an elusive owl. The films are then projected into the cabinets, which are lined in black velvet, a material that heightens the chiaroscuro of the nocturnal footage.

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