Cabinets #3

Andrea Büttner’s choice of material and medium references utopian Modernist strategies and outmoded artisanal methods of production.
Her woodcuts, glasspainting, and screenprinting would appear to be rooted in craft traditions, rather than within contemporary visual art. That is, if we accept that the Contemporary has a specific aesthetic, then these media may be excluded from the discourse. Yet it is precisely their marginal status that draws the artist to them.

The appropriation of the gallery space provides a recurring theme in the artist’s work. She paints the walls of the space brown as far up as she can reach before engaging in the display of other works. Her cabinets stand in for the idea of the gallery and are painted in garish colours applied with a seemingly unsteady hand; the invocation of amateurism seeks to recuperate an authenticity seemingly lost in the Contemporary.

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