Cabinets #8

Colour is one of the essential tools to describe something that is not at hand, an instrument much used by novelists and travel writers to make the reader live the immediacy of an experience. Tim Braden uses colour to refine or redefine the things he depicts: faces, landscapes, toys, signs, animals. His taxonomy appears excessively broad, as if he were interested in everything, in the manner of a scrapbook. On the surface, Braden’s work then seems oblivious, anachronistic almost; its images of faraway exotic places remind us of other times, rendering the present virtually superfluous. His sculptures and models reprise the objects of childhood. He points to an interest in things that are unremarkable and can easily be overlooked and remain untouched in a digital world; in Braden’s work, the toy -like a memento from a distant trip- is the embodiment of fiction, a trigger for another state of being.

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