Or an Island or a Boat

SE8 Gallery presents ‘Or an Island or a Boat’, a solo exhibition of the Croatian artist Tina Gverović.

Her works examine the relationships of unstable, transient subjects and the real and fictional topographies they traverse and inhabit; staged here, the exhibition functions as a memory theatre in which the artifacts perform in the context of the gallery, snagging our own recollection of past encounters. Paintings and drawings, depicting partial figures at work and rest, are displayed on structures in new constellations. These supports introduce a classic, serial methodology of display, but also act as spatial divisions, rehearsing Gverović’s concern with territorial boundaries.
Despite the intentional formality of the arrangement, there is no division between object and support structure; every part of the exhibition – a painting, a frame, a beam, a sheet of plywood, a video-image, has a material presence and a sculptural form that melds deliberate action, process and display. Ambient sound, mediated through spoken voice recordings, rolls words around the air, adding yet another layer, an accretion to the space.
The title references an ambivalence between a nautical craft and a place; one refers to transience and placelessness, the other to stability and permanence. Perhaps the metaphor can be extended to the gallery, to be understood as a ship, an ark that contains a collection of things to be saved from the flood, which has run aground on some hard, distant spit of land.

Tina Gverović (1975 Zagreb) works and lives in the UK. Current exhibitions and projects include ‘Travelling South’ at Baltic Art Centre, Visby, Sweden, and ‘Invisible Building’ at the Busan Biennale, South Korea.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 7″vinyl with a new sound recording by the artist. Also forming part of the show are two live events with collaborators Vlatka Horvat on Saturday the 11th of May and Margareta Kern on Saturday the 18th of May, times to be confirmed.

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