Nuno Sousa Vieira: Double/Double


SE8 Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Double/Double by Portuguese artist Nuno Sousa Vieira. For his first solo exhibition in London the artist displays a number of distinct new works made specifically for the space, alongside existing works. Sousa Vieira is an important exponent of site-related art, as the main body of his work is the result of his long-term use of a vast former plastics factory in Leiria, Portugal. The factory operates as the artist’s studio, while opening out the discourse on the demise of manufacture, and providing a commentary on the problematic of mobility from studio, to site, and gallery.

The exhibition Double/Double refers to the long shadow cast by the factory on the exhibition space at SE8, and to the process of duplication that underpins the artist’s oeuvre. Here, all things manifest a relation to others, and their presence restates, repeats or reconfigures an apriori or an elsewhere. In All Colours will agree in the Dark, a series of torn up and recombined paintings the gap between the individual halves remains minimal but important. Similarly, the sculpture Double/Double features two pairs of identical structures, one made from solid wood, the other from particleboard. One set is displayed in the gallery space, while the other is shown in the external yard open to the elements. By the end of the exhibition their different material qualities and weather exposure will result in substantially altered works.

ShutterMyDarkBrownEyes, a macquette encased in a Perspex box, photographically replicates the interior aspect of the gallery. The frontal view presents a series of slim openings in the form of a door standing ajar, and a series of partially open shutters through which the interior of the space can be glimpsed, while lateral views into the box reveal a reconstructed space in which the spectator is faced with an impossible view: to be inside the space looking out, whilst simultaneously looking in.  As in all of Sousa Vieira’s work what is presented as a self-evident truth is eventually revealed as a paradox that questions our spatial and temporal perception.

Double/Double also coincides with the launch of a new publication on the artist’s work by Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley on Friday the 25th of May.

The exhibition is supported by Camões Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua, Portugal, Ministério dos Negóçios Estrangeiros.

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