The Mulberry Tree Press

A multiplatform exhibition including:

Antepress, Ruth Beale, Becky Beasley, Sean Borodale, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Roderick Buchanan, Ben Cain, Richard Dyer, Doug Fishbone, Hollis Frampton, Alex Frost, Katie Guggenheim, Emma Hart, Mike Harte, Gary Hill, George Henry Longly, Maria Marshall, Anthony McCall, Jeremy Millar, St Pierre and Miquelon, Gary O’Connor, Kate Owen, George Quasha, Martha Rosler, Jamie Shovlin, John Smith, Matthew Smith, Andrew Tinsdall.

Guest Curators: Gilly Fox, Laura Mclean Ferris, Fleur van Muiswinkel.


The multi-platform exhibition with over 30 artists bears the name of a fictitious publishing house, the Mulberry Tree Press, named after the last remaining tree from a garden designed by the diarist John Evelyn in Deptford.

It reflects on the relationship between space, object and text, how they exist one in the other, side-by-side, and separate. In particular, it is concerned with the translation or transcription that takes place in order to facilitate this passage from one place to another, from the studio and the gallery to the printed page.

With this in mind, the gallery is turned into a production office, a machine that generates and disseminates content on a daily basis. The space is divided into a number of different zones, typified by simple display devices. Pinboards, shelves, tables and glass cabinets are organised by different curators, while a monitor shows a curated programme of artists’ films. A number of live performances complement the exhibition.

Following the conclusion of the project, the final exhibit, the exhibition’s publication is launched.

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