The Half-shut Door: Artists’ Soundtracks

The exhibition The Half-Shut Door: Artist’s Soundtracks examines the relationship between sound and vision in Film and presents four sound scores by internationally renowned artists. These scores are usually presented as the sonic part of their films and videos, yet, on this occasion, they are ‘performed’ separately. The resulting works can be seen as being made up of two components, the audio, which is installed in the gallery, and the implied visual, which is alluded to, but remains absent. The space, wrapped in heavy black drapes, is thus devoid of images and is turned from a visual space into an immersive listening environment.

Presented works:

Stefan Brüggemann, A Production of Nothing (Part 1), 2006.
10 minutes 12 seconds.

Dryden Goodwin, Flight, 2006.
7 minutes 33 seconds.

Joao Onofre, Catriona Shaw sings Baldessari sings LeWitt re-edit Like a Virgin, Extended version, 2003.
1 minute 40 seconds.

Hans Op de Beeck, Sea of Tranquillity,2010.
29 minutes 40 seconds.